About Us

Photo Rescuerhas been providing professional photograph and document restoration and retouching services since 2001, and we have progressively increased our number of Customers since then. We have received many kind words from our Customers. We believe there is no better way to understand who we are than to hear what our Customers have had to say, and for you to view our work.

We draw upon our artistic skills and experience (see our portrait drawings) when we need to construct or repair missing or severely damaged elements of the face; such as eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

Our Policy

We will treat your original photographs and documents with the utmost care, and will not change them in any way. We will provide you with the cost for the restoration before any work begins. No work will be started unless we have your approval. You have our satisfaction guarantee!

Satisfaction Guarantee

The most important principle to Photo Rescuer is Customer Satisfaction. We don't just say those words, we operate by them. Photographs and documents are deeply valued pieces of history, and we make sure that our restorations are of the highest quality. We take considerable pride in our work, and will not accept payment if you are not satisfied.

Gallery Samples

Our restoration sample photos and documents are larger than most retouching sites you will visit. We believe that the larger the restored photograph we can show you, the better you can judge the quality of our work. Smaller samples will not reveal lack of detail or flaws in workmanship that would show up when the photograph was displayed at a larger/ more normal size.


We guarantee your privacy. Your photographs, documents and any personal information you provide us will never be shared, sent or otherwise provided to any other individual and entity, or used for advertising purposes unless you provide us authorization in writing.


You must possess the rights for all copyrighted photographs and documents you submit to us. If you are not the owner of the photograph or document, you must have the approval of the copyright owner. All content on this Web Site is protected by the copyright of Photo Rescuer.

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(301) 873-3983 (Ask for Alan)