1. Send us your photograph (click here for details)

2. We will provide you the cost for the restoration. (click here for details)

3. Review the Proof  (click here for details)

4. Provide payment (if you are satisfied) (click here for details)

5. We mail your original photograph (or document) and your prints, and email you a Dropbox link to your restored image (click here for details)

1. Send us Your Photograph

How should I ship my pictures?

How should I ship my pictures? First of all, if you like, you can fill out our Restoration Requirements Form so that we know how you would like your photograph restored. Then you can send us your photograph(s) by one of the following methods:

Shipping prints through the Mail 
  • Place a protective sheet of paper (roughly the same size as the picture) over the face of the picture to avoid scratching
  • Sandwich the protective sheet and the picture between two pieces of cardboard (or rigid paper) that are cut to be roughly the same size as the picture
  • Tape the edges of the cardboard pieces
  • Use a bubble-wrap envelope, or one designed for mailing photographs
  • Label the envelope with something such as  "Fragile"
  • Call us at (301) 873-3983 for mailing instructions
  • Obtain a tracking number from the shipper
  • Consider insuring valuable pictures
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Shipping CD-ROMs and DVDs through the Mail
Preparation for scanning:
  • Clean the scanner glass
  • Do not adjust your scanner's settings (ex. brightness/contrast, gamma, intensity, etc.)
  • Scan your original photo between 400 and 600 DPI (preferred)
  • Save your scanned image in one of the following formats .JPG (or .JPEG), .TIF (or .TIFF), Photoshop .PSD, or Adobe Acrobat .PDF
  • DO NOT use any compression on your images
  • Consider using a bubble-wrap envelope or a special envelope for CD-ROMs and DVDs.
  • Call us at (301) 873-3983 for mailing instructions
  • Obtain a tracking number from the shipper
  • Consider insuring  valuable pictures
Shipping files via Email
  • Save your file in .JPG or .JPEG format
  • Make sure your image is 5mb or less to go through the email system or use Dropbox.
  • Send the files to the following Email address:

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2. We Provide You the Cost for the Restoration

After we receive your photograph it will be examined, and we will provide you with the cost for the restoration.  If you accept the price, we will begin working on restoring your photograph, and subsequently send you a proof copy (see below).

If you are not happy with the price, we can work with you to reduce the scope of work which would lead to a reduced price. If you are still not happy with the price, we will return your photograph if it was mailed (not Emailed) to us. If it was sent via Email, we will make sure to delete it.

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3. Reviewing the Proof

Once your photograph has been restored, we will Email you a proof of the restored photograph for you to review.  If you are satisfied with the proof then we ask that selecting the "PayPal" link button below.

If you are not satisfied with the proof, let us know why by phone or by Email, and we will make every attempt to satisfy your request.  If we cannot provide you with satisfactory results, you will not pay any charges (or in the case where a prepayment has been made it will be refunded).

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5. Payment

You can make your payment by cash, check (personal checks $50 and over should be certified), money order, or through the electronic " PayPal " service.  PayPal lets any business or consumer with an email address to conveniently and securely send payments online. For more information on PayPal click here

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5. Final Step

Once we receive your payment, we will mail you a package which includes your original photograph or document, the restored image, and the number of prints you decided on.

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