Special Effects

Braces Fixed teeth
Fixing teeth problems

The retainer got in the way of a nice smile, so we:

  • Removed the retainer
  • Removed stains on the teeth
  • Slightly lightened up teeth while keeping a natural look
  • Sharpened image
  • Removed stains
Original Photo of Kids on Porch Restored Photo of  Kids on Porch
Opening closed eyes

How often are someone's eyes closed, half closed, or shut during a picture? This is how we fixed it:

  • Fully opened eyes (eyes were copied from another photograph of the same person)
  • Blended in the "open eyes" until they were no longer noticeable
Nose reduction
Reducing the size of a nose

This animation shows a nose being slightly reduced and reshaped.

Before glamor retouch After glamor retouch

(click on image to enlarge or click here for both images at once)

Glamour Retouch

This is referred to as a "Glamour Retouch", which strives to bring out the beauty of the individual. To bring out the beauty of this young lady we did the following:

  • Added a slight smoothing of her skin and hair
  • Brought out the contrast and highlights in her face
  • Added more color and saturation to her eyes
  • Applied makeup and lipstick
  • Increased the tonal range of her hair to add more contest
Removing the background

This photo of our Client's Son was faded, the colors had shifted, and it was out of focus. Our Client wanted the background removed and the picture restored:

  • Removed the background and replaced it with a new one (including the bed and wall).
  • Repaired the damage (cracks) in the boy left hand and arm.
  • Repaired the faded and shifted colors.
  • Sharpened photo